It’s been a hectic year; I’ve passed through multiple time zones and covered thousands of miles travelling from London to Sydney Overland.

From tent-eating ants, sleeping on roadsides & in caves, befriending a family of Amy Winehouse look-alikes in Iran, sharing popcorn with machine-gunned militia, getting cursed by a Guru, dancing in the highest nightclub in the world, unwittingly becoming an international smuggler, surviving natural disasters, political upheaval – I have a more than a few stories from life on the road.

Ballpoint Arcade is a blog documenting my process of writing and publishing a travelogue of the manic nine months it took for me to get from London to Sydney. 

I wrote on the road with a hot heart, now I'm backtracking through pictures, journal entries, postcards, emails and letters to tie all my stories into a book.

The blog also features regular book and gig reviews. Please stop by, nibble on an iced vovo, sip on a cuppa and stay for a chat. Book and music recommendations are warmly welcomed as well as opinions on the weather and writing.
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