Sunday, April 1, 2012


It’s almost Easter! It’s always a time of year that I associate with beautiful bovines and hardy agriculture, toasty scones and immaculate needlework. Easter in Sydney is when the gates of the Royal Easter Show are swung open – a bonanza of animals, art, craft and food, glorious food!

I don’t always attend (the entry fee is eyewateringly steep and the crowds are headache inducing) this year I’ll be missing out, as I’ll be down the coast next weekend with a bunch of friends.

So in an attempt to recreate the atmosphere of the Easter show, I started flicking through pictures of when I was in Ireland three years ago. I spent time visiting my family on their various farms around the South of Ireland.

It was a bitterly cold winter, you may remember countless airports across Europe shutting up stop for days on end. We actually got snowed for a week at our Grandparents farm in County Cork.

Just after the mammoth grocery shop for Christmas

We wake up to fields of snow and icy roads

We were expecting the entire extended family to arrive for christmas dinner, but given that we were snowed in, there was only about eight at Christmas dinner (we had cooked, chopped and baked for thirty odd people) so we feasted on suckling ham, mounds of mash, piles of peas and plump turkeys. So these pictures hold memories of peat fires, stuffed bellies, frozen toes and retro radio tunes.

At one point it got so cold we considered taking the hatching light from the chicken coop to heat up the back bedrooms of the house.

Ladies who lunch

In County Kerry

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