Saturday, March 10, 2012


For all the bells and whistles of returning home there also the thistles and thorns, namely serve declines in snacking and napping. Through these blood sugar crashing lows and forced daytime alertness, one woman has cushioned the blow - Tina Fey.

I've just finished her memoirs now very much wholeheartedly consider Fey as a bosom buddy. It's hard not to consider someone a close, personal friend once you've heard all the awkward details of their first period, acne scars, boyfriends gone astray or lack thereof. Yup, confidences have been shared. Sure it's only a one-way street and said confidences were bound in the covers of a bright yellow, hard spine book - but I still feel the bond.

My new BFF has gently but firmly kicked me up the arse about my bitching about stress. As my cortisone levels skyrocket whilst I stumble about in a blind panic over having to do a couple loads of laundry, submit an overdue tax return and making it home in time for dinner - Tina Fey is the bossypants of 200 people, has a kid, works a gazillion hours writing a TV show, has the added stress of getting Oprah in the can* or perfecting Sarah Palin's accent. On top of that she wrote a book. A damn funny book.

However 'Bossypants' not just a book bemoaning her work life, Fey recounts how is worked her way through the ropes of improv** to SNL and how this has helped her become a better person. These are handy dandy life tips and believe it or not don’t include carrying a banana peel in your pocket or other comedy props.

The book isn't about how to lead the ideal life, nor is it meant to empower the reader (I now have a morbid fear of Fey's feet and cruise ship entertainers). The book is a series of heart warming vignettes strung together including the blissfully awkward 'suburban girl seeks urban healthcare'. Which is possibly the most cringe worthy Pap smear episode ever recorded in a memoir.

Tina Fey’s self deprecating deadpan humor sucks you in. You care about her life story, as it’s full of foibles. In fact you may even begin to care a bit too much. I admit I started google image stalking her. Like any good mate would do, right?

* This is of course a reference to the Oprah episode of 30rock NOT to Tina popping a can of whoop ass on Oprah

** Though perhaps theses ropes she worked her way up suddenly turned into spaghetti. But then suddenly the monkeys start attacking the spaghetti – such is the scope of improvising comedy scenes.

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