Sunday, March 25, 2012

There's thunder in our hearts

I've been a busy bee this week - I started a year-long pilates instructor course. Most of the class members are either practicing or ex-professional dancers. Whilst I'm enjoying it immensely, I've literally never felt so stocky and stuck to the ground in all my days! The dancers elegantly plie in-between lectures, go on point and float their arms out during chats in the corridor. Absolutely gorgeous, yet utterly intimidating! After a year without regular exercise I'm very much in an deconditioned state! This clip captures all the grace and strength of dancers in movement, I'm hoping osmosis will kick in and suddenly I'll be kicking my heels up!

Another reason for my obsession with Kate Bush this week, is that I've literally been running up hills! As I race from the train station up through the rather geographically well endowed North Shore (ie. hilly) to get to class in time. So I've been arriving in class looking like a sweaty betty- oh how I wish I had the poise of a dancer!

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